Harmony Healing Arts is about healing; it is about engaging people in aspects of healing for when we heal ourselves, we extend that healing out into the world. We empower people to transforms their lives through understanding themselves better, by giving them an opportunity to explore paths to healing body, mind and spirit. We are growing our healing community beyond our festival although this is an integral part of our community engagement.  We also offer opportunities to teach classes, workshops and coordinate addtional services through our lifestyle guidance program.  We invite you to consider joining our healing community and help to expand healing out into the world with us.

We currently hold festivals in Austin, TX monthly. We are in the process of expanding these into other locations with additional opportunities with workshops and classes so be sure to get on our email list.   We believe that healing takes place on many levels and we like to infuse a wide variety of offerings within our festivals, classes and workshop offerings. If you would like more informationo or to participate in our festival(s), pls fill out the contact information below and well will forward the information to you.  
We're about:
Self Exploration • Self-Improvement • Self-Empowerment • Wellness • Mind Body Connection • Alternative Medicine  • Energy Healing
Consciousness ·Spirituality • Holistic Health  • Healthy Living • Alternative Health   •Meditation • Stress Relief • Holistic Support
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