Holistic Lifestyle Consultations

There are many paths to finding what works when one focuses on a holistic lifestyle. Our approach is in helping you find what it takes to truly bring a sense of passion, adventure and joy within your life.  When you own into it being truly your path, then it has the ability to sustain you in all other areas ares of your life 
Foundational Lifestyle Guidance
Personal Guidance
Foundational Nutritional Guidance
We call our consultation "foundational" because we view everything being interconnected and truly a foundation for health and wellbeing.  We infuse a mind/body/spirit approach in helping to guide you on your path to wellbeing. 
Our main focus is helping you to understand your internal dialogue, how the words you use everyday can be impacting your choices and how you feel. We help you realize new pathwasy to understanding.  This is where you claim your inner warrior, your inner power words.
Our approach to your wellness picture includes looking at how potential nutritional deficiencies might be impacting your oeverall health and help you to better understand how to bring this more into balance through the use of diet, nutritional supplements and even herbs. 
Fusion Is Our Consulting/
Teaching Style

Although we appraoch certain aspects as consultants, guiding you in your path to wellbeing, the truth is, we are teachers in this process too. Our goal is to guide you to a level of understanding that you are able to live this within your own construct. You will have the tools and understandings to truly be able to embrace living your wellbeing.

We infuse many aspects within everything we do to help you open into naturally integrating a whole-istically oriented lifestyle that is truly your own.  We want you to begin thinking about how you see the world as this interconnected matrix that allows us to be connected in every way.
Stress Management
Inspired Movement
Being able to sustain ourselves during periods of stress is a balancing act for many. What causes the most stress? How to move into a state of letting stress go, letting it move into the past but also, how to create a lifestyle element that allows us to truly move into other states of being during stressful periods is essential.  Stress sometimes becomes a habit of being, a place we become stuck.  
Although this could be included within every aspect of what we encompass within our program, honestly, the idea of self-care is a state of mind in our understanding.  It is the fusion of creating a state of balance internally and externally that we generate our own wellspring of Inner Radiance that we gift to the world. It is in understanding that taking care of ourselves transcends into truly impacting the world the way we wish to. 
 I have a personal philosophy about this. It truly depends on the person and what works for their needs.  It should be fun, engaging and offer a space to relax while providing the benefits of the exercise component. This is not a “one size fits all” on many levels.