Joyful Greetings & Welcome
Harmony Healing Arts is about engaging people in healing Body-Mind-Spirit, for when we heal ourselves, we extend that healing out into the world. 

We are an Oasis offering Integrated Holistic Lifestyle Guidance through Private Consulting, Events, Classes and Workshops aiding YOU on your path into wellbeing.  We present information and resources conducive to personal wellness and growth by providing tools to help facilitate new awakenings and to find balance within yourself, thus promoting balance within your life.  Our approach to healing is from the inside out engaging the Inner Self at every stage of helping you on your healing path. We view dis-ease more from the concept of imbalances with our goal of gently guiding individuals back on the path to health by creating innovative ways for you to immerse yourself in the nourishing, rejuvenating mind-body-spirit therapies that bring you back into balance. We look forward to seeing you along the journey. 

The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection: Our philosophy is simple, when one engages in healing mind-body-spirit, one soon finds they are healing in other areas within themselves.  We are intrinsically interconnected and our healing must take place in every part of ourselves.  And this healing also extends out beyond us.
I took a journey through the realms of the spirit self. A journey through which the mind had to give up attachment in doubts, fears, regrets, questions ... and attend to the nature of the heart.